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“Hello Oscar
MaxMy name is Diane. In November of 2004 my husband and I purchased a German Shepard from you in your facility near Blairstown NJ. His father was Enzo and we did some dog training with you and Wagner. I’m writing to thank you for matching us with an incredible companion. On July 11th we sadly had to put Max to rest.   Although he lost his abilities to use his back legs he never lost his desire and drive to be an amazing dog and loyal friend. When we were considering purchasing a dog, I remember speaking with you about how difficult the loss of a pet is. I was not sure that I wanted to experience that again. You reminded me that I needed to focus on what they give to us in the time that we have with them. On that day I could never have imaged how much one very special dog could have given. He gave us complete loyalty. I always felt safe in my home with him by my side. As fierce and protective as he could be he was also a gentle soul who loved to play with our son. With Max, my son was able to experience the bond between a boy and his faithful friend. He gave us unconditional love.  I want to take the time to thank you for your words which gave me the opportunity to spend over 11 years with a dog who each and every day gave us his all. A day won’t go by that we won’t miss him but our life has certainly been change for the better by having had him in it.”

-Diane L.


“Oscar is an amazing trainer. Made a new pup out of my rescue pup. He is professional, knowledgeable and very loving with animals. I would recommend him to anyone.”

-Joe P.


“Best dog trainer I’ve ever known :)”

-Abudabe J.


“Very informative and gave great advice on dealing with my Roxy. Taught me how to handle her and how she responds to different senerios.”

-Leah F.


“Oscar is very truthful and understanding with situations. He was able to watch my dogs behavior and discover the root of the issue. I am continuing to work on the issues and have signed up with a few more private training classes for my dog. I have even told my friend about him and she is in the process of contacting him on her dog.”

-Carolyn F.


“Oscar is the real deal. His progress with our aggressive girl was/is something we never thought possible. His rates are very affordable and the amount of time your dog is with him is minimal. Thank you Oscar, you saved our dog from being euthanized – we are forever grateful.”

-Amy P

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