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Pro Dog AcademyDog training would be a cinch if dogs spoke the same language that people speak. But, alas, ’tis not so. Dogs have their own attitudes, voice and body language, and mindset. They can be stubborn, dominant, submissive, or fearful – characteristics that can make them difficult to train.

Oscar Rojas has been a professional dog trainer for over 28 years. He was trained in Europe and has acquired some of the best training techniques from abroad and here in the USA. Oscar has imported many K9s to the US for the State Police and Sheriff, as well as for some top competitors in the States.

Pro Dog AcademyThe Pro Dog Academy team trains for high obedience, personal protection, and law enforcement, as well as tracking and Schutzhund. We do all phases of training and behavior modification. Our dog training school also offers one-on-one as well as boot camp for several dog training clients. All evaluations are done so as to design a program for you and your pet. In-home training is also an option if you have the ability to make the time to train. Prices depend on the type of training that will be needed to get you and your pet on track.

Dog Training Program Details and Pricing:

To Schedule a Dog Training Evaluation with Pro Dog Academy, please go HERE.

Pro Dog AcademyPro Dog Academy’s obedience classes are personalized dog training programs specifically designed for you and your dog’s needs. As with the other training programs offered at Pro Dog Academy, our obedience classes start with an evaluation of your dog’s temperament and aptitude, as well as a discussion of what your family’s needs and goals are. From there, a detailed lesson plan is developed. Most sessions last an hour, during which the owner (and any family members present to observe) learn a variety of skills and techniques enabling them to train their own dog. Careful supervision ensures that both the dog and the owner learn the necessary “language” and behaviors, resulting in flawless communication and an improved emotional bond.

Pro Dog AcademyThese sessions are especially helpful for those wishing to go further and compete in ‘obedience’ events offered by the major kennel club registries here in the U.S. If you’re interested in competing in major dog obedience trials, don’t hesitate to reach out to Oscar and his team. They’re happy to assist in every way they can.

Every dog is treated as an individual, and training is carried out accordingly. Every dog, as well as their family’s goals, is individually evaluated and a detailed lesson plan is developed. Obedience goals, behavioral problems and breed-specific needs are taken into consideration while developing a lesson plan.

Pro Dog AcademyThe difference is in our commitment to our dogs; Pro Dog Academy’s training programs are all based on positive reinforcement. To praise a dog for what they do right is much more effective than to punish them for an error. Most dogs want nothing more than to please their people, and most people don’t know how to communicate their wishes to their dog. So Pro Dog Academy helps teach the dog what humans want, and teach humans how to engage their dog and keep them engaged when communicating. The goal is to improve the relationship between the dog and its owner – to make your dog become more pleasant, active, and enjoyable for your family. That’s the Pro Dog Academy promise.

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